Thinking About Selling?

When you’re ready to take that next step in home selling,
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Ready to take the next step?

If you plan to sell your home and buy another, what steps should you take to ensure a smooth transaction? Are you someone who is thinking about ‘Moving Up,’ but are unsure if it’s even possible for you and your family? Where do you begin? Can you afford it? How does it work?

‘What if?’ scenarios are plenty. What if you sell your first home and make unwise decisions, like settling for something you don’t REALLY want, or overpaying? What if you buy your new home before selling your first and are stressed to unload your initial house causing frustrations later? What if you’re stuck paying two mortgages at one time? These are the complexities you may run across while trying to ‘Move Up.’ Finding a Real Estate agent you trust is imperative. Someone who knows the market inside and out and who you will trust to guide you with expertise.

My Preferred Lender iThink Mortgage can help you along the way and even recommend the perfect programs for your needs. My team is here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to guiding you in making sound decisions for your financial future.

Move Up Homebuyer Tips:

  • Timing the sale of your old home and the purchase of your new home, properly. This is where having a great Real Estate Agent comes in. Let us know if we can help with a referral!
  • Moving to a larger home doesn’t have to mean a larger payment. Connect with your iTHINK MORTGAGE Loan Officer to review your current loan and look for extra fees that can possibly be eliminated or reduced and how applying the proceeds from the sale of your current home may reduce your new payment.
  • Consider keeping your current home as an investment property. We can help you determine if this makes sense for you and your family’s financial future.

Get a Customized CMA

What is a CMA?

  1. Comparing Similar Properties: Think of it like shopping for a car. You want to see what similar models are selling for to understand the value of the car you’re interested in. In real estate, this means looking at properties that are similar to the one in question – similar in size, location, condition, etc.
  2. Recent Sales and Listings: The focus is mainly on properties that have recently sold, are currently on the market, or were on the market but didn’t sell. This gives a current and relevant picture of the market.
  3. Adjustments for Differences: No two properties are exactly alike. So, if the house you’re evaluating has a newer kitchen than a similar house that just sold, the CMA will adjust the value accordingly.
  4. Determining the Price Range: The end result of a CMA is not a single price, but rather a range of value. This helps in setting a realistic selling price for a property or for buyers to make an informed offer.
  5. Local Market Insight: A CMA also offers insight into the local real estate market. For example, if similar homes are selling quickly, it might indicate a seller’s market.

1st Time & Move Up Buyer Loan Program Ideas

Interested in getting familiar with a few loan programs that we often use to help move up buyers? Let’s take a look!